Happy April Fools!

Hopefully you people haven’t missed me!

(Been posting a bunch of times lately, I know)

Anyhow, I had a public service announcement to make!

A year and a half ago, in order to finish my hack much faster, I’ve created a secret message board for my hack in development. It was meant at first as a workplace for me, Puzzledude and Euclid as secret hideout for us to concentrate on all the features and aspects of this hack without the need of sending multiple emails between each of us.

Overtime, I’ve invited other people currently making Zelda 3 hacks and eventually it simply became an enormous resource/help for hacking this game! Pretty much everyone contributed something, whether it is documents, asm patches, small hacks… Anything that could help us change other aspects of this game beyond Hyrule Magic. Called ”Zeldix”, it could be almost regarded as the vatican secret archives, only that it’s meant for Zelda 3 modding instead!

People say, that sharing is caring.. so today, it is my great pleasure to make it open to the general public! I’m hoping that by doing so, it’ll give greater hopes to people who think that Zelda 3 hacking in general has been hibernating! Far from that actually, we just have been working in secret 😉 If you’re just curious or anything, you can of course just visit us to say hi! We won’t bite!

Regarding the future beta testing phase of Parallel Universes, it’ll be required to register an account there since I’ll create private sub forums when the times comes!

Oh yeah, almost forgot, here’s the address!


I’m pretty sure that’s the best April Fools you’ll ever get!

( Maybe because it isn’t a true one 😉 )

~ SePH

P.S: If you ever wondered why my hack has advanced so much in so little time, Zeldix is the only reason for that! See you there!


5 thoughts on “Happy April Fools!

    1. SePH Post author

      -”Quick XaserLE!”

      -”If you know the path, make your way though the Lost Woods!”

      -”You’ll be well hidden there.” 😉

  1. XaserLE

    It’s a good decision to make this stuff free so others can learn from it.
    Soon i will have the time to come back and finish the work on the PoC-Menu 🙂

  2. xan

    Is patient but awaits an updTe of some kinds.. when this beta rolls out im guessing it might now be posted on zeldix.org instead of here?


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