Project isn’t dead ;-)

It’s in fact almost complete!


Will be released on Parallel Worlds tenth year anniversary!

^^The initial release date that is.

One epic hack per decade, that’s all I can manage 🙂



~ SePH


6 thoughts on “Project isn’t dead ;-)

  1. Andy

    The main playable character turns into a lot of characters.

    Let me see if I have some of the worlds down:
    The Spencer Mansion
    Peach’s Castle
    8-bit Zelda
    Doctor Who
    Parallel Tower Ruins

  2. Agahnim

    31/12/2016 is the release date. i really fuckin can’t wait another 5 months for this!!!!! it’s look AWESOME from pics! like a whole NEW snes game. at last, conker will be the main character or link?

    1. SePH Post author

      Could be released before that if I feel the game is stable enough!

      It’s Conker’s story but his appearance will change in some worlds, this is due to the TARDIS mostly and will be explained by the doctor when you encounter him!


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